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Commercial lenders during uncertain times

With over 300 banks and 45 additional building societies in the UK, how can you know which lender is the right one for you and your business? How can you even know that they will be willing to finance your business during uncertain times?

A lender wants to be as certain as possible that they will get their money back from you; this applies during uncertain times as it would during more normal ones. What remains important is to present a strong case to the lender, which they can have confidence in.

When considering a commercial loan, even if it is during uncertain times, we ensure that the lender and the type of finance provided is right for you and your business. We continuously offer personal service for business owners and always consider individual requirements to identify the right finance.

Whether it’s during uncertain times or not, at ASC, we know who’s lending and who’s not and your application will always be strong.

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