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Business is Booming…for some.

There are a number of sectors in the UK that are booming, even during these unusual times.

Over the summer, we saw a remarkable bounce back of the property sector and, as taking a foreign holiday turned into a game of Russian roulette, many holiday homes and hotels in the United Kingdom find themselves booked with guests until next summer.

To take advantage of the unexpected popularity of vacations within the UK, holiday lettings owners and hoteliers may now be looking to raise capital to purchase or upgrade facilities over the winter months in order to attract the best holidaymakers come the spring/summer 2021 season. For example, the ASC Edinburgh office have secured funding of £165,000 for the purchase of a hotel on beautiful North Uist in the Outer Hebrides.

Whatever your business, if you need to extra funding to help your business grow, or adapt and expand to manage Covid-19 workplace restrictions, the experts at ASC can help your finance journey faster, simpler and better.

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