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ASC’s Most Unusual Deals – Marine Finance

We are certainly proud of all the deals we’ve completed for our clients, but recently Steve Bealing from ASC in Surrey, completed a rather unusual loan.

The client was referred to Steve by a local accountant, and what our client needed was to purchase a motorboat which was in the south of France. It was a first for Steve, as he had never secured marine finance for a client before, so he was excited to tick this one off!

Steve liaised with all the professionals involved and presented our client’s case to the bank in the most favourable way. Most lenders would be reluctant to support this type of finance but Steve worked his magic, and finance was successfully secured for a 5-year period to enable our client to buy the luxury motorboat.

Check out another deal we completed over a modern classic car collection, which was also a rather unusual deal.

We will make sure you get the deal that is right for you, whether it involves marine finance or a standard commercial mortgage. If you would like to discuss the options available to you, please contact your local ASC office for more details.

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