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Actions Speak Louder than Words

We’ve been helping businesses find finance for over 50 years – we know that we provide a good service. The fact that our clients come back to ASC again and again only proves it! Here’s one such recent example:

Our client is an experienced professional landlord, with a number of different properties. We were originally introduced to him back in 2012, when he came to ASC asking us to help him make a small expansion to his portfolio. At the time, whilst we found him an offer for finance, the client decided not to make the purchase , so pulled out of the deal. Nevertheless, our client was impressed by our services that 2 years later he came back to us again. This time, he was looking at buying commercial investment property comprising a shop with flat above and was looking for £315,000 to complete the purchase. The client had a sound background, and the funds to commit to the loan, so we were only too happy to assist. In due course, we found the right finance he needed for the purchase.

3 years after that, we were once again approached by the client. This time, he was looking at a larger project, and wanted someone he had confidence in to be handling the finance search. Rather than adding one property to his portfolio, the client wanted to purchase a block of 9 flats. On top of that, he was also looking at refinancing other properties through ASC to get a better rate. Overall, the client was looking at a loan of just over £2.6 million – 8 times the size of his original finance! Fortunately, size is no object here at ASC – so we went to work. We were able to demonstrate to lenders that the client had a strong portfolio on his side, and had evidence that he’d used his original loan wisely, so we were able to secure him the full £2.6m in due course, expanding his portfolio significantly.

If you’re in need of further finance after your initial project, it’s always worth giving your broker another call. Whether you’ve got a new project in mind, or just want to discuss potential options, they’re a useful sounding-board for the realities of financing your project. And if you do go for it, your broker found you finance once – they can certainly do it again!

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