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You want to borrow how much?

Imagine you’re looking at buying a business. Perhaps you want to run and own a hotel in Devon? Or you want to change your career path and buy a local restaurant? Well, how do you know if you can afford it?

The options available to you for finance are impacted by the business that you’re going to buy. You don’t know if you can afford that business until you apply for finance. Catch 22!

So, how do you get past this predicament? Getting your finance sorted, at least in principle, can guide your search and any negotiations with the vendor, but, sector dependent, you may need to identify a particular business first to get the finance.

A specialist broker can help with all of this. From which lenders have the appetite for the restaurant sector, to when is the right time to apply for funding for your horological workshop. In fact, using a broker will make the whole process faster, simpler and better for you.

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