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You don’t waste time, why should anyone else?

When your business requires funding, there’s no time to waste. The trouble lies with the reams of forms that all lenders make you fill out when applying, not to mention that every lender will ask for different information.

If you use a broker who specialises in business finance, and nothing else, you have a direct line to exactly what the lenders want. Whether there is the appetite there for the risk, what they need to know and you get treated as an individual as opposed to a form-filling robot; that’s because they’ll do most of that for you.

You have to be able to grab the opportunities when they arise and not be held back. Well, here at ASC Finance for Business, we’ve recently arranged the following for our clients:

  • Fast turnaround for a 12-month loan to redevelop a Victorian warehouse into four flats
  • Commercial mortgage to help a retail business expand and move to a high footfall location
  • Arranged £2.5m for an online seller to purchase their business premises, greatly helping their cashflow

Quite frankly, using a broker is the faster, simpler and just plain better way to access the business finance marketplace.

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