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Why use a commercial finance broker at all?

You don’t need a commercial finance broker to raise finance.

But you also don’t need a lawyer to represent you in court, an accountant to do your business accounts, or a pilot to fly your plane when you go on holiday! (Okay, maybe the last one was too much!)

The point is, that whilst it may be possible to arrange finance without a broker, it might not be in your best interests. If you have all the time in the world to research the market, identify which lenders to approach, how to approach them, and learn how to overcome the hurdles which may arise along the journey (from valuations, to solicitors, to credit teams), all at the same time as running your business, then we wish you all the best.

If however, you want experience on your side – then using a broker is the right way to ensure that you get the right finance for your business.

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