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Why do you work with an accountant, but not a finance broker?

If you run a business, you would automatically see the need and benefit of appointing an accountant to deal with your accounting and tax affairs, or a solicitor to deal with the conveyancing process when buying property, or an architect if you want to build an extension to your business premises. They are all professionals who will save you a great deal of time and headache – they have the experience and know-how and they will help you jumping through the various loops. But why? There is no real requirement for you to use an accountant (apart from some exceptions), a solicitor or an architect – nothing stops you from doing it yourself. However, you know that the issues they are dealing with are complex and it is your benefit to work with professionals.

But when it comes to a commercial finance broker you may hesitate and think it may be cheaper and easier to do it yourself. But you know from experience, from reading the press and from your friends and peers that obtaining the correct finance for your business is not as easy and also requires the input of a professional. But now you may say, what about fees and the terms offered by their lenders. It is quite simple the fees of the broker must be sensible (like fees for your accountant and architect) and the deal they get you must also be sensible (again you would not want you accountant to make you pay more tax than you need to).

So overall if you work with the right professional – they can save you time and money. Just make sure you check their track record and ask simple and probing questions: how long have they been established, who are the banks they work with, have they got the proper licences, and so on. A good professional will make sure you can focus on running your business whilst they focus on getting you the right finance for your business (right in every respect).

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