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Who has had time to think about Brexit?!

This time last year, we asked in our newsletter if anyone knew what was going on in the UK – we’d had a year of turbulent politics and we imagined that the year ahead would make for ‘interesting times’ – but as it turned out – for all the wrong reasons!

Much of 2020 has been dominated by Covid-19 and the economic upheaval it has brought, but the transition period for Brexit looms at the end of December, so economic turmoil is still very much on the horizon.

On the positive side for SMEs, if your business is ready, it can be a great time to really push your business forward. We have worked with the SME world for 50 years so we know that robust SMEs are nimble and adaptable. This enables them to take advantage of emerging gaps in the market whilst major market players tread nervously.

This period of uncertainty won’t last forever.  You want your business to take advantage of any opportunities and push through to take it to the next level.

At ASC, we will be here for our clients, as always. Whether our clients want to secure holdings, solidify their position, or push forwards with expansion, we will be here to ensure your finance is seen by the right lenders. We make finance simple.

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