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Which lender is the right lender?

“What is the interest rate for my business?”

“How long do lenders lend money for?”

“What LTV can I achieve for this purchase?”

These are all questions we get asked on a regular basis. And we obviously understand why our clients want to try and answer these questions straight away. But when it comes to commercial finance, the answers to these questions will depend on what the client is looking to achieve, and what their key requirements are. 

For example, a client with a pressing need for working capital finance may need a business loan within a few weeks. Speed is going to be of the upmost importance, particularly if you were to compare them to someone who is considering refinancing a long term commercial mortgage, where the lowest interest rate, or the ability to repay, might be more important.

Which is why with ASC, we take the time to talk to you to understand your business finance requirements. The bank manager has disappeared, but ASC Finance are still here!

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