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What is the benefit of using a broker?

We were recently asked this question by a client. Yes, you can arrange finance without a finance broker. In the same way that you can defend yourself in court without a lawyer. But what is the benefit of using a broker?

Take this recent example.

ASC were recently introduced to two clients. They were looking at buying the freehold to their day-nursery, and they had already approached their bank – who had said that they could provide finance, but at an amount lower than what was required, and requiring them to put up their home as extra security.

Fortunately, they were now speaking to ASC – and able to access Faster, Simpler and Better Finance.

We were able to secure an offer for finance at a higher loan to value, and without the need for additional security to boot. To top it all off, the clients were delighted with the rate!

Now that is Faster, Simpler and definitely Better.

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