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What is a “Personal Service”?

At ASC, it’s very obvious that we’re proud of our “refreshingly personal service”. You’ll see it mentioned across our website and marketing messages. Keeping things personal is one of the key ASC values, and we make sure it’s practised in every ASC office.

This means that sometimes we get asked what we mean by a “personal service”? You can call lots of things “personal” without really meaning anything by it. A pair of socks with your name on them is a personalised gift, but at the end of the day they’re not exactly much different from any other pair of socks. If you go to a bank for a loan, eventually you might get someone who looks at your application in particular, and maybe you’ll actually get someone who manages your finance process (among thousands of others). You could call that a “personal service”, and it’s certainly more than you’d get at many high-street banks.

At ASC, providing a personal service is all about finding out exactly what our clients’ specific needs are, and how we can help fulfil them. We don’t do “cookie-cutter” applications – every client is a unique individual (or a group of them), and they deserve an application that’s there to get the exact finance they need, not just any old loan it can. It’s not just about helping our clients, it’s about really knowing them and building a proper relationship with them – Directors meet personally with clients regularly, and they’re never pushed away into hold queues or automated phone systems.

In an industry like business finance, where who you know can be just as important as what you know, personal relationships are key. This applies to client relationships too – knowing exactly what your client needs allows a broker to go to the bank with a proper objective in mind. So it’s better for the client, and it’s better for the broker – that’s why we value our personal service so much.

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