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What have we been up to?

For this week’s blog, we thought that we would just highlight two recent deals which we recently have successfully raised finance for – demonstrating our commitment to raising the right finance for each business:

1. Property development finance for £750,000

We were approached by a high-end luxury property developer who had completed several projects across Lincolnshire. When they asked their own bank to support their next project the answer was ’no we have withdrawn lending from the housing sector’. Fortunately, ASC were able to work quickly with the client to secure the property development funds in time for the opportunity!

2. £400,000 raised to enable a couple buy their dream business

Our clients had been running an IT business in London but fancied a change of scenery. They were delighted when they found a nine-acre commercial site in West Wales, which they saw as the ideal opportunity to move to the countryside and run as holiday lettings. The only outstanding hurdle was arranging the finances. Using our experience and knowledge of lenders in this sector, ASC were able to arrange over £400,000 for them to complete the purchase and realise their dream.

Remember, we focus on raising business finance so you can focus on running and developing your business!

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