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What have ASC been up to?

I just wanted to drop you a quick reminder about ASC and mention two recent deals which we have successfully raised finance for – reaffirming our commitment to raising the right commercial finance for each business:

1. Secured 100% property development finance

ASC Finance were successfully able to arrange finance of £472,000, including rolled up interest, for a property developer to convert a house in East London into 8 separate flats, with a plan to sell the properties for a substantial profit post-conversion.

2. £150,000 raised for a start-up business

Finance for a start-up is always tricky, and when we were approached by a couple who wanted to buy and re-open a closed restaurant in the West Midlands, it was no exception. However, using their track record in the industry, and the security provided, we were able to raise the required capital for them to launch their new venture.

Remember, we focus on raising business finance so you can focus on running and developing your business!

We’d be delighted to discuss your commercial finance requirements, so contact us today, with no obligation.

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