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What do you want? What does your business need?

There are two core policies being pursued by the government to incentivise the small business market and entrepreneurs. Firstly, Entrepreneurs Relief, which incentivises by reducing the Capital Gains Tax when selling a business down to 10%. Secondly, tax reductions that are available for research and development and schemes to reduce tax on investment gains.

What it boils down to is where exactly do businesses want help? Is it when they’re building their businesses, or when there is a profit to be taken? Nearly all business people and entrepreneurs will tell you that it’s when they’re building their business that they want the most help.

The risks involved when building a business have increased, especially when one considers how much more regulation there is to deal with, how much more competition exists and the general uncertainty that lies across the economy. So it’s really not a surprise that entrepreneurs would want help at the start.

But what can you do if you’re taking full advantage of the current system and need to quickly supercharge your business? You’ll need business finance. And to make it as fast, as simple, and just plain better, you really should talk to a broker for that.

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