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What can Peer2Peer lending do for me?


The beauty of peer-2-peer lending lies in its efficiency, and versatility.

The practice involves borrowing money for many different individual lenders, as opposed to sourcing funding from just one.

This provides freedom, in certain circumstances, to acquire funding with different criteria and in different circumstances. In real terms, it means that small businesses may be able to acquire financing even if they have been declined by their bank.

Whilst P2P lending has been successful, it’s not necessarily for everyone. In order to get the right finance for your business, it’s essential that you ensure that you approach the right lender, be it P2P or through exploring more traditional avenues.

P2P works effectively… if you know how it works. Obtaining finance is in and of itself a complicated process, and someone still needs to do the job, for example organising valuation, obtaining credit references, analysing financial data, dealing with the lawyers, accountants etc. That’s where we come in.

At ASC Finance, we understand that right lender for each business depends on what that business does. This is why we were awarded the Highest Quality Application Award by Funding Circle, the UK’s first P2P lending marketplace.

Speak to your local ASC Director today so that they can discuss arranging the right finance for you, whichever type of lender.

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