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Free Webinar! Finance your wholesale business – hosted by ASC and The Federation of Wholesale Distributors

There are currently over 100,000 wholesale businesses in the UK which account for an estimated revenue of over £800bn in 2022 alone, and the FWD represents the food and drinks element of the 100,000 businesses.

ASC Finance for Business and the Federation of Wholesale Distributors have joined forces with a webinar focused on ways to access finance for all businesses in the wholesale industry.

The webinar will be tailored to the potential financial products that wholesalers can access for their business, regardless of their business size. Joshua Ejdelbaum from ASC and Ben Davidson from ASC in Wales will be hosting the webinar to answer questions and will be joined by James Bielby, FWD CEO, to represent the Federation of Wholesale Distributors.

Wholesalers can use finance for the different purposes below, and we can help you secure it, be it Commercial Mortgages, Working Capital or Asset Finance.

If you are looking to make a large stock purchase, let new buyers find out about you, hire extra staff or increase your cash flow, then join ASC and FWD on Tuesday 8 November 2022 at 11 am via Teams on this link (Meeting ID: 352 925 999 732 – Passcode: YffpDP)

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