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The value that ASC can add to your business.

Picture the scene; you need finance, you have gone to your bank, explained your circumstances and what you want, filled in all the paperwork, waited patiently for the response, and then, sadly, been faced with a rejection. You then realise how a broker can help you and instruct someone highly recommended. The last thing you then expect is for that broker to manage to secure a loan for you with that very same bank. Well, that is exactly what happened recently for a client of Alex Milham, from our regional ASC office in Kent. But what happened? It was the same deal, same bank, and the same client? What was different?

In The end it was all about presentation. It’s an often undervalued element of what brokers do in making sure that all a client’s information is collated and presented in the way that will make it most attractive to a bank. In this case, ASC included in the application a full overview of the tenant which was not provided in the previous application.

With ASC Finance for Business, we are able to help our clients secure the funds they need to, just as our slogan says: Faster, Better, Simpler.

Contact your local ASC office to save you and your business valuable working time and effort.

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