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The Secret to Commercial Finance

There are many potential reasons as to why a lender might reject an application for finance. You can submit the information to any lender, and hope for the best, but surely there are ways to maximise your chances of success?

And that is where experience comes in.

We know what objections lenders may have with an application for finance – and we can help address these before they are raised! So instead of a lender rejecting your application for finance, the lender is presented with all the facts and information – so any potential hurdles can be overcome before they are hit.

It is this approach which has seen us successfully raising finance for small business owners and entrepreneurs for over 40 years. And since facts speak louder than words:

  • We were able to arrange a bridging loan of just under £2 million for a client to purchase an agricultural property pending the sale of another
  • We successfully arranged a £300,000 working capital loan for a high court enforcement company to expand their operations 
  • We raised finance of £185,000 off a commercial investment property for a landlord to refurbish properties in his portfolio and re-pay some existing loans

So don’t run head first into the obstacles. Speak to us today, and take advantage of our experience.

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