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The most informed decision you’ll ever make

We keep our eyes on the market, so you can make the best decision for funding your business.

As with any financial decision – or decision in general – it’s important to know the market.

Whether it be buying a new car, finding the right insurance for your phone, or the best place to go on holiday, comparing, shopping around, and weighing up the options means that you’re more likely to find the right deal. The same goes for acquiring funding for your small business.

However, regardless of what it’s for, you’re also more likely to spend a lot of valuable time speaking on the phone and trawling through websites. It’s hard to escape the niggling feeling that you might have missed a better result elsewhere.

At ASC Finance, we eliminate that worry. This is because we know the market, and work with leading lenders who we know want to support our clients

We have a wide range of panel lenders, saving you time and energy that you can invest in running your business.

Time and time again, our work has been proven to be effective, and successful. This is why were awarded the Highest Quality Application Award by

Funding Circle, the UK’s first P2P lending marketplace.

Your funding is in good hands. Get in touch with your regional ASC Director today.

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