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Article: The key players in securing commercial finance.

The key players in securing commercial finance.

When small businesses need finance how many know where to start? ASC has been supporting SME’s raise finance for over 50 years so we know that if you aren’t familiar with the process, it can be daunting to know what you need to do, what others do and how to get the best deal – ultimately that’s what everyone wants.

As a starting point there are different players in the process of securing commercial finance, each of them, understanding who does what is a helpful first step to making sure you get what you need. We explain them in more detail:

1) Lender – having the right lender, means the right terms, right rate, type of finance, and lender must also provide clear information about the products and services required by the borrower. The problem for borrowers is that there are many lenders and getting to the right one for what you need is not always easy, therefore a broker makes the process of acquiring finance effortless for borrowers.

2) Broker – It can be difficult to know which lenders are lending, but higher-profile brokers such as ASC, have knowledge about which banks have appetite for lending and have direct communication with lenders. A broker can assist in ensuring the strongest application is presented to lenders, the right lender is found, and you have someone acting on your side thus highly improving your success chances.

3) Valuer (Often a qualified Surveyor) – Usually chosen by the lender, carries out inspections to determine the current market value of the service, property, or land.  A Valuer will typically produce a property valuation as a report to lenders, supplemented with photographs, a plan or other details depending on the case.

How can ASC help?

The process of commercial finance can be tricky but having a broker can significantly increase your chances of success in securing commercial finance. ASC can always make it easier for you by simplifying the steps and tailoring your application depending on the type of finance required.

ASC commented that “As one of the leaders in commercial finance in the UK, we speak daily to small business owners who often don’t realise how a broker can help them. By speaking to someone who understands the marketplace, its processes, and knowing which lenders have the appetite to lend, we ensure that businesses are presented with options which work for them.”


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