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The difference between business finance and Business Finance

There’s an old riddle. You have to choose between two politicians and vote one into office. Candidate A sleeps until midday most days, is a heavy drinker, and was kicked out of office twice. Candidate B served in the military; he doesn’t smoke and is a vegetarian.

So who do you choose?

Most of you would choose candidate B, and based on the way the information was presented to you, that would appear to be the sound choice.

What if I now told you that candidate A was Winston Churchill, and candidate B was Adolf Hitler? Now that you have the complete picture, would you change your mind?

So what point are we trying to make? Presentation is important. If you need to make a decision, you are heavily influenced by the way the information is put in front of you. And it is the same thing with business finance – the way your application for finance is presented to the lenders is the key to them understanding and interpreting your application, which is why we at ASC Finance for Business ensure we understand your requirements and can present your application to our lenders in the best possible way.

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