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The Christmas Rush

It can be a nightmare when you’ve left your present shopping to the last minute and there’s a mad dash around a department store to find the gifts you want to buy. It can a bit like securing commercial finance. Bit of stretch? Bear with me.

You’re focused on running your business and an opportunity comes, out of the blue, that will enable you to greatly expand your customer base. This could be buying another business or you’ve secured a large, recurring new client. But can you afford to take advantage of the situation? Do you have enough working capital to stomach the cost of a rapid rise in output?

You’ll probably need finance. And you’ll want a broker.

If you had a personal shopper to help you choose and find your gifts, it’d be easy, even on Christmas Eve. When you’re applying for commercial finance you should take advantage of the personal touch too. You can then focus on running your business while your broker takes care of the finance applications.

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