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Winter Newsletter – January 2019

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    New Year, New Look, The Same Mission

    So, you might have noticed that something’s been a bit different on ASC’s website recently. Gone are the sedate reds and blues, no more are the sliding buttons, banished are the info pop-ups. This might have clued you into the fact that we’ve fully rebranded ASC! You’ll see our new yellow and black branding rolling...

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  • ASC Newsletters, Financial World

    Looking Backwards and Forwards

    2018 was an interesting year. With Brexit on the horizon and the markets potentially in turmoil, the financial world has had to be ready for big changes at a moment’s notice. For once The Budget didn’t bring major changes, but it did come with the caveat that it might need to be completely redone! With...

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  • ASC Newsletters, Housing, Property

    Going, Going, Gone! The World of Auction Finance

    Buying a property at an auction isn’t exactly the “normal” way to acquire real estate. Properties usually come onto the auction market because they have been seized from their previous owners as collateral – usually as a result of non-payment of some form of debt. This makes property auctions a potentially lucrative way of buying...

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  • ASC Newsletters, Finance, Financial World

    Could Crowdfunding Work for You?

    When you think of financing a business venture, crowdfunding probably isn’t the first thing on your mind. Why get £5 from 1,000 individuals when you can get the whole £5,000 from a real lender? Yet in recent years crowdfunding has become a popular option for companies to finance projects, with platforms like Kickstarter raising millions....

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