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Winter Newsletter – December 2019

  • ASC News, Finance, Loans

    An Interesting Proposition – Are we seeing falling rates?

    We recently came across possible the lowest residential mortgage rate we’ve ever seen. A leading high-street bank had a mortgage available at 60% or lower LTV at just .98%! Even when you consider the impact that recent politics and the financial crises of the last few years have had on interest rates, that’s still an...

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  • ASC News, Banks, Economy, Finance

    Bank Managers are people too – never forget that!

    We’re going to open this article up with a story straight from the archives. Once upon a time, we knew a bank manager who would never finance a baker. A middling pub with decent financials? He’d consider it. A leasehold manufacturer looking to buy its freehold? He’d make an informed decision. A freehold bakery, with...

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  • ASC News, Banks

    “No”. “Maybe”. “If…”. “But”. Will you ever just get a “Yes” from a Bank?

    Business banks are masters of unclear language. If you ever want to find someone who’s saying “no” at the exact same time as they’re saying “yes”, talk to a business loan underwriter. There’s a saying in finance that you’ll get one of three answers from a bank if you’re looking for finance on your own...

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  • ASC News, Banks, Loans

    You can’t access the experts – that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

    No matter which way you cut it, finance is a specialist industry. You need specific knowledge and years of experience to properly navigate the financial world and find the right products. It’s one of the reasons we’re so emphatic that any business looking for finance has a broker. However, even in specialised fields, some are...

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