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Finance process

  • Business, Loans

    There are hurdles in any finance process. Here are some common ones to watch out for, so you can be prepared!

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  • ASC News, Financial World, Loans

    Finding Finance – how much research should you do?

    Finance is a world in which knowledge is power. There are thousands of options to consider – finance can be tailored to fit almost any viable business. It’s one of the big reasons why we’re so emphatic in our view that you should always use a broker. It’s a broker’s job to research those options...

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  • Banks, Finance

    When a bank is selling itself, how can it be financing you?

    It’s a little odd to hear, but banks fairly regularly get sold. Whilst the high-street banks that everybody knows are too big to be bought and sold wholesale, smaller parts of them and other smaller banks are fairly constantly being bought, sold, and traded for various purposes. Now, you might think “so what” to this...

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