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Commercial Mortgages

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    What to consider when choosing a commercial mortgage

    Determining the right commercial mortgage for you depends on several factors, including your financial situation, the type of property you are purchasing, and your long-term goals. We’ve highlighted just a few of the factors to consider when choosing the right commercial mortgage for you. Loan Type: Commercial mortgages come in different types, including fixed-rate, variable-rate,...

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    Commercial Property as my Pension? It’s a SIPP!

    What is a SIPP? A self-invested personal pension is designed for people who want to manage their own pension funds. The main difference between a SIPP and other pensions is that you can invest in commercial property through a SIPP.  This means that investors will sometimes purchase a commercial property (either their own business premises...

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    An Interesting Proposition – Are we seeing falling rates?

    We recently came across possible the lowest residential mortgage rate we’ve ever seen. A leading high-street bank had a mortgage available at 60% or lower LTV at just .98%! Even when you consider the impact that recent politics and the financial crises of the last few years have had on interest rates, that’s still an...

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