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  • Finance, Property, Property development

    Property development finance options

    Whether you’re looking to begin a large-scale property development project or plan to expand your buy-to-let property portfolio, you’ll probably need property finance to realise your ambitions. Property development finance funds residential, commercial or mixed-use property development. Several options are available, and as the choice can be overwhelming, here’s an outline of some possibilities. Five...

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  • Business, Property

    Why purchase a buy-to-let property via a limited company?

    Buying a buy-to-let property through a limited company has become increasingly popular in recent times. According to estate agent Hamptons, 74% of all buy-to-let purchases in 2023 have been made via a limited company, up from 68% last year and 41% in 2015. This strategy can have certain advantages that may make it a preferred...

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  • Finance, Housing, Property

    Holiday let still growing in the UK – can ASC help?

    We all know that summer 2021 was the season of the UK staycation, when Brits holidayed at home while foreign travel was curtailed by Covid. If you tried to book any sort of accommodation anywhere in the UK last year, you’ll remember how hard it was! It will therefore come as no surprise that there...

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  • Housing, Investment, Property

    Do you know the upgrades to your Buy-To-Let property that would cost more than they’re worth?

    Luckily, you’ve had the chance to read our previous article about some of the best upgrades for your Residential Property (if you haven’t click here.) But on this occasion, we thought it might be worth highlighting some upgrades that might not help your Buy-To-Let property increase its monthly rental profit, and can cost more than...

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  • Government, Housing, Investment, Property

    Have you heard about the new tax rules on Buy-to-Let properties?

    A record new 41,700 new buy-to-let limited companies were formed in 2020, and 2021 looking no different due to the new regulations in place having landlords looking at other options to reduce taxes. There have been a few important rule changes this year and recently, which include: Tax relief on buy-to-let mortgages: this one won’t...

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  • Banks, Finance, Housing, Loans

    Looking to invest in residential property but unsure about different financing options?

    Most landlords have at some stage needed to arrange finance and depending on their circumstances this can have different levels of complexity. There is a difference between a single buy-to-let mortgage, finance for an HMO and a property portfolio. Residential mortgages for personal use work are straight-forward, time consuming and a real nuisance to obtain,...

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  • Financial World, Loans, Property

    Buy-to-lets: a “soft” approach to business?

    How many of you reading this own more than one property? If we’d asked that question 10 years ago, we highly doubt that many would have responded “yes”. Today, though, we imagine the answer spread would be very different. Whilst the BTL market has certainly cooled since the 3% Stamp Duty increase implemented in 2016,...

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