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Small Business Saturday is Back!

Last year, an initiative was launched to help small and independent businesses, called Small Business Saturday. You may have heard of it.

Originally a US concept, it was brought over to the UK in order to help raise the profile of small and independent businesses in the UK, by setting aside one day to help promote them, and encourage shoppers to spend their money with their local store, rather than in larger retailers or online.

Small businesses are important to the local economy. Money spent on the local high street is more likely to stay within the local community, with studies estimating that 63p per pound spent stays local, compared to only 40p, in a larger organisation.

Plus small businesses provide character and variety to an area – nobody wants all stores to be identical and lacking charm.

That’s why on December 6th, Small Business Saturday aims to promote small businesses up and down the UK, and we at ASC Finance for Business, are fully behind the initiative, and hope you are as well!


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