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Six in ten Brits planning to start their own business – Can ASC help you launch it?   

Recent public surveys have confirmed that six in ten Brits are planning to start their own business in the future. What is for certain is that the pandemic delayed everyone’s plans for a while, but since market confidence is getting higher and the country is fully open now, more soon-to-be business owners are planning on making the big move. 

But what is motivating them to start their own businesses? The reasons are quite varied, but the majority want to be their own boss, follow their passion and larger achievements, but also to balance their work-life as Brits want to spend more time with their families. 

We know that one of the main things that often holds future entrepreneurs back includes limitations with their finances. Which they need to kickstart their projects, and this is where ASC can be crucial to a flawless start. Many people starting a business don’t actually know all their options for finance, and the truth is what will suit each individual will be different. Whatever option ends up being the right one, the reality is that using a commercial broker can be crucial in helping you figure out what will be right for you.  

If you are part of the new generation of business owners and feel ready to show start, get in touch with your local ASC office to discuss your financial options, we have been helping SMEs for over 50 years. 

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