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Should I arrange Commercial Finance in a Limited Company or in my own name?

Is it better to secure commercial finance in your own name, or through a limited company?

In all comes down to how you interpret the word “better”. When it comes to arranging finance, some lenders will consider lending to both companies and individuals. Whether, or not, the terms which they can provide will be any different, will depend on the company and individuals in question. Lenders will look at the borrower to determine their ability to repay any loan, and the security that they can provide. In some cases, this might mean that different options may be available depending on whether the borrower is a company or an individual. As commercial financial brokers, we can coordinate with your accountants and other professional advisors, to ensure that we can apply for the right finance for you and your business, whether it is through a limited company, or in your own name.

If you are thinking of applying for finance, we’ll take the time to talk to you to understand your needs, and ensure that we can arrange the right finance for you. Contact us today with no obligation

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