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People, not numbers

Here at ASC, we feel that finance has too many numbers. Now that might sound odd coming from a business that’s all about getting the numbers you need, but hear us out.

If you go to a bank to try and get finance for your business, you get given a case number which you have to refer to every time you want to do something with the bank. If you want to call up and talk to someone? Case number. Do you want to check your application online or over the phone? Case number. Want to go into a branch to actually talk to someone? Got to give your case number so they can look you up. In the end, all you are to the bank is a number in a database to be looked up.

At ASC, we’re proud to say that we don’t want numbers, we want people. All of our clients are looked after personally by one of our Regional Directors, who they can contact at any time with any relevant questions they might have. We know that our clients are real people with real issues that can’t just be distilled into figures on a spreadsheet. That’s why we always provide a refreshingly personal service.

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