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Lending returning to similar pre-pandemic levels

Lending returning to similar pre-pandemic levels.

It has been reported by different institutions, including the Bank of England, that lending levels are starting to pick up its pace and are now close to the healthy numbers before the pandemic days. The market volatility of the last few years appears to be easing, and the lending market is now in a stronger and more balanced position as it was before the pandemic.

What does this mean for SMEs?

The recent increase in lending figures to businesses in the UK show that lenders are committed to helping them grow with the required finance, and it comes as an encouraging sign as many had paused their projects due to lack of funding. Most businesses and individuals rely on finance to help their projects take off, and it may now be a good time to retake those projects initially on stand-by and look into potential financial options for finance.

As the bank’s lending appetite is increasing, we want to remind our clients that finance is available, and we know how to make it happen for you. We secure business finance for business people – contact your local ASC office to find out more.

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