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Know your budget before you buy!

It sounds logical enough. But you’d be surprised by the number of clients we come across who have put in an offer to buy a business or a commercial property, without knowing whether or not they are able to get the required finance.

You wouldn’t book a holiday without having an idea of the level of funds in your bank account, and the same thing would be true for buying a commercial property or business. There are benefits of speaking to an expert before you begin your search – for one thing, you can then save time by knowing what is likely to be in your potential price range and focussing your search accordingly. In some cases, it may even be beneficial to have proof of finance first, so you can even negotiate on the price!

The right time will depend on your circumstances, and the industry which you are looking at, but if you are unsure about the best time to apply for finance, then contact your local director, and speak to the specialists!

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