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How can ASC support your projects?

When our clients require finance for a short period of time, anything from two months to two years, bridging or short-term finance could be a suitable solution.

When approaching banks for finance, lenders have different key considerations for bridging and short-term finance lending, since a short-term loan will be paid off faster, it can mean the borrower has to make larger payments in more frequent terms.

How can bridging finance and short-term loans support your projects?

  • Planning and pre-construction finance – projects can take time at any stage especially at its inception, and sometimes there needs to be more planning or re-planning to calculate gains or adding value to an existing project. Efficient planning may potentially add more units and increase profits in the long term.
  • Refurbishments – to convert and upgrade properties for a higher profit, or repair run down ones into apt new residences or offices. There are different scenarios depending on the borrower’s plans.
  • Current environment – given the current economic climate, property chains are more volatile and vulnerable to external factors, so having the security of securing a loan in shorter timeframes is becoming more valuable. The right finance at the right time could mean completing a project on time or further delays.

What related financial products can ASC offer?

  • Short-Term Finance for a Commercial Project
  • Bridging Loans for Property Investment or Development Projects
  • Funding for Restoration Projects – Commercial Property Development
  • Short-Term Business Loans
  • Auction Finance

Regardless of your financial ambitions, we can support your projects with tailored financial solutions; we know how to make it happen for you.

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