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Going for Broke(r)

Last week, we talked about the importance of finding the right lender for your business. This week, we’re going to tell you about an equally important part of finding a loan – your broker.

Now, let’s be honest here – it might seem self-serving for a broking firm to tell you that their services are important. However, we truly believe that using a broker is the better option for a business looking to find finance. We’d love it if you came to ASC, but a proper, trustworthy broker, whoever they are, can make your finance journey so much easier.

Business finance can be confusing. Like any world, business finance is full of specific terms, obtuse acronyms and a helping of jargon. Trying to navigate this can be an absolute nightmare. Not only do you have no idea what half of what you’re being told means, but you have to start at the bottom rung of the ladder and work your way up through myriad checks and bureaucratic processes before you even begin to see the idea of a result! It’s easy to see why many small businesses struggle to find finance on their own.

When you use a broker, they take that hassle out. A broker understands the jargon and the acronyms, decodes it and presents it to you in a manner that makes sense. They know the people in the financial world you need to reach, and can help you skip all the automated forms and needless processes to get the result that you want, in a way that’s easy for you.

On your own, business finance can be a long, frustrating process. With a broker, it’s quick, easy and simple – why would you not use one?

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