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Looking for finance but have no property – What are the options?

We often hear clients mention they do not have a property to use as security when looking to finance their projects, and while it is true that a property can ease the process of securing finance, there are other options.

Other alternatives to non-property commercial lending solutions include:

  • Invoice Finance – when the business effectively sells an invoice to the lender to get their payment up front from the lender. The lender is then repaid once the business receives their income from their customer. This form of finance can be particularly useful for businesses whose clients have long payment terms.
  • Asset Finance – helps businesses acquire an asset and spread the cost over time. Asset finance can also free up valuable working capital.
  • Working Capital Loans – some lenders can support a business by providing an unsecured loan to assist with their working capital to fund their expansion or assist with cashflow.

At ASC we deal with thousands of small and medium sized businesses every year that are looking to start or grow and this is where we are able to provide value to our clients. We’ve been helping businesses secure finance for over 50 years and have built up a trusted panel of contacts to ensure that we can get the right deal for our clients.

Contact ASC to secure finance for your business.

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