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Fed up with renting your business premises?

Many businesses grow to a size where they outgrow their current premises, and many more come to the end of a lease. But should the status quo rule or should you consider what’s available to purchase?

Now, leasing space allows for flexibility of investment and location, and can be the better option for many, but what if you could buy your office or warehouse? It could help with your long-term balance sheet, monthly cashflow and solidify the base of your business.

We often say that the bank manager has disappeared and that it pays to use a broker, and yet another prime example came through the door. A sizeable online retailer wanted to ascertain what they could borrow to fund the purchase of an office before they committed to a lease renewal. The bank wasn’t interested so they called ASC.

They are now the proud owners of their own business premises. It really does pay to use a broker to find out your funding options.

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