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Business finance is an exercise in explanation. If you go to the bank to try and find finance, can you just go in and talk to someone? Not in our experience – you have to fill in form after form, then explain everything you’ve put in those forms again to a person after waiting weeks for the forms to file. Then you have to explain to that person what your business even is and the challenges it’ll face – if they even understand it!

Sounds a bit ridiculous? We think so too. That’s why we’re so proud of the fact that all our Regional Directors are small business owners themselves. They’ve built their companies from the ground up, and have the knowledge to show for it. They know the troubles and challenges small businesses face in your area and are uniquely positioned to help guide you through them to get your business off on the right foot – after all, they had to go through it themselves!

We think you’ll agree it’s a faster, simpler & better solution than going through the rigmarole at the bank!

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