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Everybody wants the better deal

75% of all enquires start with the question “What is the best deal I can get?”

It is an important question, but unfortunately there is no simple answer, because the question is actually not one dimensional. If it would only refer to interest rates or loan amounts, then yes, there is a simple and clear answer. A lot of marketing published by the banks focus on this.

But if you run a business then you know there are many more aspects to be considered: what about security, what about financial flexibility, what about other charges and fees, what about restrictions on banking, what about the term of the loan or the capital repayment program, and so on, and so forth. And this is before we ask questions like how long will it take and how much time and effort is needed to jump through all the hoops.

If the one-dimensional marketing would provide all the answers then all the banks would have only 100% satisfied clients. But we know that is not the case, and that’s why it is important to get a professional on your side. We would like you to choose ASC, of course, but my point is more general: get someone who has the experience, status and track record to assist you, so that you can focus what’s more important to you: running and developing your business.

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