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Even the banks choose ASC for their finance!

We have told you about our track record of successfully arranging finance for small business owners and entrepreneurs over the last forty years, but it’s not just ourselves who see the value in using ASC Finance, it is the banks as well.

One of our clients is a senior member of staff of one of the major UK High Street banks (we thought we’d not reveal which one!), and over the last few years has looked to build up a small property portfolio. Now, you’d expect that the first source of potential funding she would try would be her place of employment, right? Well, actually no, each time she has come to ASC, and over the last year or so, we have helped her to finance the following:

  • A short-term loan of £260,000 with a peer-to-peer lender for the purchase of a farmhouse
  • A bridging loan of just under £2 million to purchase an agricultural property pending the sale of another
  • A refinance, with a high street bank of over £1million for one the properties which she currently owned
  • A development loan to convert an agricultural building for residential use under permitted development rights

So why does she repeatedly come back to ASC? Surely she can get the finance through her own bank?

The main reason was that she knew how complex commercial finance can be, and she saw the advantages that ASC could bring in reducing the hassle, guiding her through the process from the first conversation, right up until completion. And if somebody who works in the bank, and has colleagues who work in the commercial finance process, sees the benefit of using ASC due to the level of support which we provide, we think that it is a pretty strong endorsement!

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