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Do you like paying more for your Business Finance?

I am sure you don’t. But do you have the time to check out what better deals are available and how easy it is to organise a better deal? If you have an existing commercial loan or a commercial mortgage or any kind of business finance, you can benefit from our expertise and track record to assist you getting the right deal for you. The New Year offers plenty of new possibilities, with banks and other lenders constantly revising the amounts they are willing to lend, and the rates at which they are willing to provide commercial finance. There may be opportunities to reduce your monthly payments and increase your available working capital, or to raise additional funds to help grow your business and make the investment which wasn’t previously possible.

For example some of our panel lenders are currently able to provide finance from as little as 2% above base rate, whilst others can offer 100% finance for the expansion of an existing business!

Remember, our job is to get you the right finance. We’ll take the time to talk to you, with no obligation, so speak to us today, and we can ensure that we understand your key requirements and can assist you in raising the right finance for you and your business.

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