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Do you know the name of your bank manager? I didn’t think so.

If you went back 10 years ago, I’m sure most small business owners could tell me the name of their bank manager. You had a dedicated representative who not only understood your business, but you were able to contact them directly, and they would go out of their way to help your business. Perhaps you even met them for lunch or for a drink – you had a real “relationship”

Fast forward to today, and the bank manager has disappeared. Very few businesses have someone they can contact directly, let alone someone who’s name they know and who they can contact directly.

This means that many small businesses are left without support, with only call centres or internet live chat functions to rely on. So, when everything runs smoothly, it is okay, but once things get difficult, the small business is left without the assistance it may need.

We think differently and believe our clients must have a relationship with an experienced local director who can ensure they don’t have issues when it comes to raising business finance –– someone who is on your side, someone who you can pick up the phone to and have a chat with. Modern IT, and live chat functions have their place – but this is no substitute for a robust personal relationship to help clients through these turbulent times.

If you like the way we think, you’ll like the way we work.

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