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How we help our clients – Deferred considerations and vendor-assisted sale.

At ASC we know that the personal service and relationships that we form with our clients are one of the things that set us apart from other brokers. As John Fuchs (ASC in Leicester) demonstrates it’s often what makes us most proud about the deals we do.

John recently assisted some clients with a complicated, structured deal to purchase a business. It was a multimillion-pound proposition, on which they needed help with the larger amount of cash for their deposit. We also needed a lender who was able to work with a deferred consideration from the current owner. Already from the outset this was not going to be a straightforward deal, but John was able to assist at every stage.

ASC structured a deal with two lenders, a clearing bank, based on deferred consideration from the vendor and an equity lender to bridge the gap. The lender John worked with was able to fund the six-figures which allowed the whole deal to complete.

John comments, “It was a complex structured deal, which had many factors to consider but we managed the get the deal through. This means they are very happy, everyone is happy, and hopefully they are going to buy another one next year!”.

ASC got the deal done in a way that many others would not have even thought about, but that’s what we do, we know how to make it happen. Contact your local ASC Office to secure finance with a market leader.

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