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How Can Debt Refinance Help Businesses?

Given the current economic climate, some businesses may start to experience financial difficulties and might need to navigate their options to make the best out of the situation.

If your business is currently under pressure, we help clients daily to secure loans for different purposes, but a common financial solution that our clients often seek is refinancing existing debt.

Refinancing benefits for a business:

  •  It could help cash flow by reducing monthly payments, either by extending the loan over a longer period or by securing a lower interest rate.
  • It could help financial planning, for example achieving a fixed rate as opposed to a variable rate – so you know exactly how much the loan will cost.
  • It could provide additional time for your business to pay back the loan by increasing the term.

Every business’ situation is different and should be assessed individually with the help of a commercial broker since there could be different solutions. All of the ASC offices across the country are run by their regional Directors, which are small business owners themselves and understand the struggles SMEs often face.

Get in touch with your local ASC office to provide a faster, simpler and better way to have your finance application seen by decision-makers.

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