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Commercial Finance is available for UK Businesses

You do not need us to tell you, that having access to finance is very important for your business. And despite the negative headlines in the news, we know that finance is available for small businesses – providing they know where to look.

As deeds speak louder than words, we’ve highlighted a few of our recent deals below as proof that lenders are willing to help businesses grow. With over 40 years’ experience, we have the experience to arrange the right finance your business.

  • We recently met with a client who owned a substantial portfolio of residential investment properties. Despite having a strong relationship with their existing bank for over 10 years, they were told that they would have to repay their loan of over £1,000,000. Fortunately, they were referred to ASC Finance who, using their relationships with a wide range of lenders, were not only able to find a lender to refinance with, but also raise an additional £560,000 of capital for our clients, on terms which were right for them.
  • Last month we were introduced to a couple who wanted to move out of the city to a rural location, and had found their ideal nine-acre commercial site in West Wales to run as holiday lettings. Despite the fact that the accounts for the premises were poor, ASC were able to use their experience to raise the required £400,000 for them to complete the purchase.
  • ASC were approached by a client who was looking for a retail premises for their expanding business, but only had a limited cash contribution to put towards their deposit. However, by supplying the lender with detailed account projections, and emphasising the strength of the business, ASC were able to convince a lender to provide the necessary finance for the purchase.
  • We have just arranged a loan for £350,000 to assist a client of ASC to pay an outstanding debt with HMRC. The interest rate was very attractive, but more importantly the loan was completed within 3 weeks after the offer was accepted.

Remember, the bank manager has disappeared, but ASC are still here!

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