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Can I get property development finance without planning permission?

We’ve been asked the question a few times over the many years that we have been raising commercial finance – “Can I get property development finance without planning permission already in place?”

The short- answer is that it depends on several factors.

Firstly, some smaller developments or refurbishments might not need planning permission at all!

It may also depend on your timescales – depending on the individual project’s circumstances, you might need proof of finance subject to receiving the planning permission. Finally there may even be some scenarios where you might be looking for proof that the finance is in place before you have even identified the property, in which case you need a lender who is able to provide the finance first.

Whatever your requirements with property development finance, it is important to know the right time to reach out to lenders and apply. We have access to some specialist lenders who may take a view on a development at any stage of the process. Click here to speak to your local ASC Director, who will be happy to take the time to listen to and understand the options which are most suitable to you.

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