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Business Finance for Garden Centres

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Every business needs finance. Garden centres and gardening businesses are no exception. Whether starting out, expanding your business or taking on a whole new challenge, ASC are here to make getting that finance simple for you.

Garden centres are unique and interesting type of business that is truly unlike any other. When you run a garden centre, you face a series of challenges that come with straddling the retail, services and natural worlds – challenges that no other business faces. We’re here to make sure that finance isn’t one of those challenges, no matter your situation.

Planting the seeds of success.

When we say that garden centres are a unique type of business, we mean unique in every sense. What other business has to consider whether to buy tulips or geraniums at the same time as they’re thinking about whether people would prefer wet or dry compost at the same time as they’re shopping for a wheelbarrow? That uniqueness also applies to the finance process. Lenders will want to know everything from the local business area and whether it’s relevant to gardening and landscaping, through to the general financial situation of the area and whether gardening is popular. That means a garden centre faces a lot of requirements that other businesses will lack when they look for finance.

Nor is every garden centre the same – and that changes what they might need from their finance. A centre that deals with a lot of landscaping and planting businesses might benefit most from business expansion finance to help suit their more business-to-business needs. On the other hand, a centre that’s supported by many local amateur gardeners might be more suited to the more granular approach of peer-to-peer finance. So, when you’re looking to finance your garden centre, you need the support of a broker that knows finance and gardening alike.

ASC will help you reap the benefits.

At ASC, we’ve been helping small businesses with commercial, property and business finance for over 50 years now. When it comes to finance, you can be sure that we know what we’re talking about – it’s rare to find a situation we haven’t seen. We’re also no slouch in the garden worlds either – we’ve helped plenty of garden centres find the funds they need in our decades of experience.

We can help you deal with the regulations and remove the roadblocks in the way of your success. When you use an ASC regional director, you can be sure that you’re in the hands of an experienced professional who’s dedicated to making your finance journey as smooth as can be.

So, if you want to make your finance journey faster, simpler, better – there’s just two things you need to do:

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2. Sit back and relax.

We’ll handle the finance, so you can focus on what really matters – your business!

Garden centre or nursery finance we have arranged for our clients

  • £150,000 was raised to purchase a garden centre
  • We were able to assist a client with their expansion plans and were able procure funds to re-finance their existing garden centre