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ASC raises £125m for SMEs across Britain

ASC has revealed that its offices across Britain have helped SMEs raise a total of £125million in the year ending April 2020. This represents an increase of 25% from the previous period, despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit during the first half of the period and the impact of the coronavirus.

Managing Director Henry Ejdelbaum attributed the increase in activity to “strong marketing campaigns” and ASC’s “personal approach” to understanding small businesses. It was also partly driven by a growth in new offices, with several Regional Directors having joined in the last few years continuously growing their business.

As well as raising financing for businesses during the pandemic, ASC has continued providing its usual high standard of support. Henry said “Though the last few months have been challenging for businesses all around Britain, we are pleased about our growth. We’ve had to adapt to the current climate to continue operating as close to normally as possible, for example by using video technology to carry out meetings and training sessions with our teams and clients. Despite the ongoing uncertainty, we expect to support more businesses next year.”

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