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Even if the banks say no, having ASC on your side means finance secured!

Every ASC commercial broker across the country has completed deals for clients that they are particularly proud of having worked on and Dominic Williams and his team at ASC Sussex have recently completed one of those. Dominic and his team assisted a client with finance where he really needed the cash injection, and the terms of the deal were particularly complicated.

Dominic’s client had previously converted a semi-commercial property into twelve flats in the heart of an industrial Estate. The client had approached lenders directly who all refused to provide the finance and even a number of ASC’s panel members did not initially want to lend to the client. Dominic was not prepared to take no for an answer – he understood that the underlying deal made solid finance sense. The property was generating good income for the client, and it could easily service the debt. So, Dominic spent some time with one particular lender that he thought he could convince of the merits of the deal.

In the end, Dominic was able to work out his magic and managed to get the bank to finance his client’s idea at a competitive rate. The client was of course delighted. The main point for us is that we know what it’s like to run a small business, everyone at ASC does the same with our own. We therefore know that when you come to us for finance, it’s essential for you to get it done and we will do what we can to make sure it happens.

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